New Store / Roll Out

In the retail industry, new store openings and new product rollouts are some of the largest, most important events for the business. More importantly, it is a first impression and it determines whether customers shop with you or go somewhere else. We also understand that a large component is making or breaking that first impression is your product being there on time.

Because a majority of consumers do not quite understand the logistics behind their newest and greatest piece of technology getting to the shelf of the store right down the road, a grand opening with no merchandise or a new product rollout with no product/display makes you look unprofessional and unprepared to your prospective customers, potentially resulting in a huge profit loss for the business.

Sometimes things happen that are out of anyone’s control like bad weather, rerouting, etc., but other times, delays in your roll out or opening are caused by a poor quality, unorganized forwarder.

ABCDEX Cargo provides the highest quality, full service international and domestic solutions to ensure your freight is on time for your New Store Opening or New Product Rollout. We work with you to understand your needs, timelines and expectations to create a custom solution that best suits your business.